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Welcome to Suzhou Synerguar Hydrocolloid Technology Co., Ltd.!

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Suzhou Synerguar Hydrocolloid technology Co., LTD. is a company professional engaged in the natural plant colloid development, manufacturing, sales, agency, import & export, brand operation and management.

To provide customers with professional products of high standard, Synerguar company focuses on the new plant colloid innovation development & market promotion, by integration of high quality raw materials, manufacturing, technology, talents and market resources. Main products include cassia gum, guar gum, konjac gum, carrageenan, fenugreek gum and other varieties of natural plant colloid, and their application fields cover food & beverage, personal care, textile printing &dyeing, coating mortar, paper-making, beneficiation, petroleum fracturing and other industries. Synerguar insists on customer-oriented, professional, efficient but flexible marketing model, which provides a wider options for respected customers.

In terms of operation, we regard market as the core and adhere to learning about the market thoroughly, adapting to market demands and attaching great importance to customers’ concern. Synerguar advocates hard work and innovation, and is committed to improving products continuously, so as to meet the diverse needs of customers.



Suzhou Synerguar hydrocolloid Technology