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Vegetable Gum
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Suzhou Synerguar hydrocolloid TechnologyVegetable gum is the joint name of gums extracted from natural plants (mainly legumes) and used for thickening, conditioning and other industrial uses and mainly includes guar gum, fenugreek gum, Sesbania gum, konjac gum, tamarind gum and Cassia gum. The main ingredient of these gums is galactomannan. Their major characteristic is they are natural and renewable, which is totally in line with today’s concept of “Harmonious Co-existence between Human and Nature” and complies with the social’s call for green industry.

The application fields of new vegetable gums are widely, mainly including food, daily chemical, textile printing and dyeing, construction materials, paper-making and, oil fracturing. The application of new vegetable gums meets the national industrial policy and enjoys broad industry prospects. Emissions produced by vegetable gum products can be fully metabolized or degraded by human body and nature, so both the environmental risks and safety risks are limited and controllable.

As our knowledge updating and further research on these vegetable gums, we will impart vegetable gums better application performance. Green industry is enjoying unlimited prospects!



Synerguar has an expert consultant team with years of experience in combination of vegetable gums, so that we can recommend you appropriate single or compound gum technology according to your specific needs, and meet your expectation for product design. For more information, please let us know!

Suzhou Synerguar hydrocolloid Technology


Guar Slices, Cassia Gum Slices, Sesbania Gum Slices

Synerguar keeps long-term good partnerships with a number of suppliers in the origins of vegetable gums and is willing to provide the supplier and demander with high-standard services with superior services and reasonable prices, including but not limited to: analysis and prediction to the market of the place of origin, compliance evaluation of import and export of raw materials, import and export of raw materials, agency, and distributions. We are willing to become a bridge between raw material suppliers and raw material application vendors and make the global trade of vegetable gums much smoother.


Suzhou Synerguar hydrocolloid Technology

Suzhou Synerguar hydrocolloid Technology